Introducing XGR-1, Turing's first generation groundbreaking quantum memory, forming the basis of a portable Quantum Hard Drive, we call them Turing QuBEs.  Our vision is to go beyond Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) for global secure communications.

We introduce a network of quantum entanglement with superior flexibility and an unprecedented level of scalability.

 Our mission is to make quantum entanglement a commodity, forming the foundation for a world-wide distributed resource.

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We believe in augmenting the internet, not replacing it.

In 2014, when we looked at the available technology in secure quantum communications, such as quantum satellites and quantum repeaters using fiber optics, we saw plans that were too rigid to handle novel problems and high-bandwidth communication protocols.

These systems still have various challenges:

They are land-locked, only work at night, only allow for ‘single-shot’ communication attempts, and they force ‘immediate use’ upon the generation of key material. Furthermore, such plans cannot push beyond Hz data transmission rates.

Today’s systems aren't automated by the fierce demands of this new industry and they will fail against adaptive adversaries. These promises are premature and would force organizations to make unacceptable trade-offs between our current best security and the promise of security in a post-quantum computer world. We saw a need for a different kind of technology, in order to manage global distributed coverage and high-bandwidth protocols.

This set us on a different path to build it, and that’s why we founded Turing.



The Turing Qubes are equipped with Quantum Hard Drives enabling the long-term storage of quantum information. This innovation sits at the heart of the Turing system and utilizes the same technology that is needed to build a scalable quantum computing system.


Portable Quantum Hard Drives allow you to transport entanglement the same way you currently transport your songs or movies. You become the distributor for your own quantum communications network.


Our system is designed with portability in mind and does not require ultra-low temperature cooling, vacuums or high-powered laser control. Constructed as self-contained units, our quantum hard-drive technology allows for the creation, distribution and consumption of quantum entanglement for any task; from distributing secure cryptographic keys to providing the communications backbone to a global quantum internet.


As self-contained modular systems, deployment of our harddrive resource relies solely on established global logistics channels to carry entanglement around the world. Servicing and maintenance is trivial when compared to a quantum satellite breaking or underwater optical cable being destroyed.


With a networking model consisting of thousands or millions of QuBES, we build a highly distributed quantum network, with no single point of failure. Physical QuBEs are always on the move and continually generating new global entanglement compute links. These can be used at any time, not just at the time they were made.