We distinguish between an academic’s definition of scalability and a technologist's version of "readiness". This distinction has enabled our innovation and is at the heart of everything we do. We’re a global team, in whatever their role, each person combines a first-principles engineering mindset with a long-term view, dedicated to fine-tuned optimization on cost and manufacturing, driven to execute in service of our mission.

We see ourselves as enablers for the age of the quantum transistor.

Today’s qubit count announcements are still in the “age of the vacuum tube” because massive overhead and data loads in quantum, aren’t being managed at scale.

We control the “online” and “offline” data loads of the quantum chipsets at runtime. There are 1500 or so pieces of error correction installed in your phone and other electronic devices. They run silently and smoothly. They remove noise for your applications to run in the first place, so you, as the user, do not have to think about it. This is critical for quantum chipsets too, without this, the application layer simply will not run.

Turing was founded by spearheading the innovation which today forms a high-level Operating System. Our founders pioneered novel approaches in programming, compiling, and optimizing fully error-corrected quantum computing technology. With more than 17 years experience inventing quantum technology, we contributed to and co-developed chipset designs in: Spins, Optical Quantum Computing and Superconductors.


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